The Elbow Explanation

I’ve been asked a few times, “Why the Sexy Elbows?” and I thought this snappily dressed old bird would be the perfect card to accompany the story of how this old bird got her name.

Several years ago I was staying with my son, Jeremy. His roommate, Ian, was a bartender. Now you have the cast of characters.

One evening, Jeremy and I decided to dress up and enjoy a relaxing dinner out, instead of cooking and clean-up or delivery of wings and pizza.

We went to the restaurant where Ian was tending bar; I always think it’s best to know your bartender. I guess Ian had never really seen me at my CoverGirl best; I try to avoid make-up and hair goo whenever possible.

Anyway, Jeremy and I find a spot at the bar, exchange our hi-how-are-yas with Ian and order our drinks. Ian delivers the very well poured Tanqueray and tonic for me and as he places it before me he says, “Mrs Williams, you have really pretty eyes.”

Of course, I’m beaming with the compliment, and Jeremy is scowling (he always was, and still is, a Mom protector). Ian, noticing Jeremy scowl, turns a shade of red that a strawberry blonde should never sport and sheepishly continues, “and, I might add, very sexy elbows.”

I laughed, Jeremy grunted something, and Ian grinned. And that was the beginning of Sexyelbows.

The card features a stamp by Tim Holtz from Stampers Anonymous and the old bird is colored with Prismacolor pencils. The sentiment is from Unity Stamp Company and embossed with a sparkle pink embossing powder from Hero Arts.

Author: prettycardsandsexyelbows

Just a daughter who has been away from her wonderful mom for 25 years and now enjoying every moment we have together.

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