Binge watching

I’m a sucker for sweet romance. The Hallmark channel has been airing Christmas in July movies so to continue crafting and watch movies, I’ve been working with colored pencils then assembling cards during commercials. I can’t say that I’m ready for Christmas now, but I have enjoyed the “feel good” movies.

Author: prettycardsandsexyelbows

Just a daughter who has been away from her wonderful mom for 25 years and now enjoying every moment we have together.

3 thoughts on “Binge watching”

  1. Your card “the earth laughs in flowers” is gorgeous. I was curious, did you do all of your blending with pencil or did you use a solution? It is just beautiful— I can’t say it enough!!! Thanks. Diane
    P.S. I think Hallmark is great too and that’s what I watch while making cards. D.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comment. I use the blender pencil by Prismacolor for all my blending. In my opinion it’s the paper that makes blending easier. I use Canson XL 98 lb Mixed Media paper for all my colored pencil work. And I can buy it cheap at Walmart. It isn’t as white as my standard cardstock but I think the result is worth it for me. Tammy Williams
      P.S. did you see the the Christmas movie with Sam Heugan from Outlander? He was just a kid and it took me forever to place him in his current role.
      Thanks again!


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