Stamp layering nightmare

I watched a video tutorial by Jennifer McGuire yesterday morning where she showed how to make beautiful see through cards. She used a lot of stamp layering sets, then die cut the flower and leaf images. She placed the images so that they overlapped but left some empty spaces, then covered everything with PressNseal to keep it all in place. She glued the overlapping pieces together then trimmed the pieced panel to size for a card front. A little involved, but doable. So off I go to my craft room to create my masterpiece.

My aunt loves purple hydrangeas, as do I, so I decided to use the Altenew layering set called Garden Hydrangea. There are 4 images to layer for the flower and 3 for the leaf, the result is highly detailed and beautiful. Or it should be.

I knew I’d need to used my stamping platforms as I wanted several of each image and I’d never try to do any layering without a platform. My first 6 attempts to get all the little lines and details placed perfectly failed miserably. So I stopped, got on YouTube and found a video from Altenew that showed how to layer the set correctly. I need to add here that the lady in the video was just using an acrylic block! She did the darkest outline image first then used the solid lightest image, that was the only change I needed to make. Easy peezie. Off I go again. The first 2 images are no problem, I’ve got them placed in my Misti perfectly. The third image? Major fail! At this point I started stamping on copy paper to save my cardstock and after about 10 tries I had it “close enough”. On to the fourth and thankfully last image for the flower.

After several tries with the last image looking like a rabid raccoon on crack with an astigmatism and dirty bifocals stamped it, I stopped to phone a friend, share my frustration and calm down.

Finally, after spending most of the day on just the setup I was able to make one card. The technique Jennifer showed in her video went smoothly. I like the style of the card just don’t look too closely at the stamping.

Author: prettycardsandsexyelbows

Just a daughter who has been away from her wonderful mom for 25 years and now enjoying every moment we have together.

2 thoughts on “Stamp layering nightmare”

  1. Love your House Mouse card with the addition of the Santa Hat and the glittery fur lined belt. Such a cute card. Thank you for joining us at House Mouse and Friends Monday challenge.


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