Changing with the times.

I’ve decided to make some big changes here and move in a new direction. Prior to February 2019 I lived my boring life in my craft room. I enjoyed my time making cards and mailing them to family and friends. I couldn’t seem to find my niche in California outside my craft room, so I contented myself with creativity. When I found out that we were finally going to move back home, I had no idea that my life would change so drastically. Meaning that I actually have a life now.

Since Dad died I have wanted to spend as much time as possible with Mom. I missed so many events and activities with Mom over the last 25 years… But now I’m so very blessed to have her all to myself and I am the breathing definition of Mama’s girl. Even my sister has moved out of state so I’m like a greedy little brat in having mom all to myself.

I’ve been home now for 8 months and Mom and I have had a blast. I’ve inserted myself into her life by joining the Murray Hills garden club, I make my 10 week hair appointments for the same day and time Mom will be at the salon getting her weekly doo. She still has her volunteer work with hospice and her church functions without me and I have Bunco, grandkids, and in-laws on my own so we aren’t weirdly attached at the hip or anything, but we try to as much as possible together. I never imagined I’d enjoy a garden club of mainly senior aged women, but these ladies are priceless!

With that said, I’m changing my blog to be more of a diary accounting my exploits with Mom. I don’t want to ever forget one moment of our time. I don’t care if anyone reads my stories, I don’t care if they are boring or if some lone reader some where in the world is offened. I don’t care if my spelling or grammar is off, or if events are posted out of order. All of that is going to happen. 

Now I just need to figure out where to start!

More to come.

Author: prettycardsandsexyelbows

Just a daughter who has been away from her wonderful mom for 25 years and now enjoying every moment we have together.

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