interactive scrapbook

ok. So, it took almost 10 years to take the photos, about 2 weeks to create the album/scrapbook, and almost 1 year to organize and arrange the photos.

one thing I learned is a person just can’t have too much fun. Another little tidbit, get the album made before the fun begins and place the photos ASAP!!

This is my Destination Adventure album. Most of the pictures are of me, but hey, it’s my book, I can do anything I want to it. Every adventure with my girlfriends or husband over the last 10 years is depicted. Notice that it’s girlfriends or husband because girlfriends can’t really have an adventure if the husbands tag along!

Darla and I have birthdays in September and always try to check off a bucket list item. We parachuted in Chicago, went on a “cattle drive”, rafted the rapids down the Ocoee river, met the drummer in Nashville, danced ourselves to death in Santa Fe, explored San Francisco…

Federica took me so many places in Italy I can’t name them all. Well I can, but I can’t spell them.

Julie and I had a blast in Chicago. She wasn’t up for parachuting but riding a segway all over downtown was fun. And the nightlife, wow! Just Wow!

Karen and I have always had a blast, but she is camera shy so most of our adventures just feature me. You know that really hurts.

Life with my husband is an adventure. period. full stop. We have lived in 7 states, 2 countries, and 12 cities.

Having all these memories in such an interesting format makes it a pleasure to flip through and remember.

Each page is different. Some cascades, some pull outs, some flip open several directions, loads of photo mats and journaling cards. I’ve included trinkets, (my daughter-in-law turned me on to penny pressing. Who knew!).

Here’s a peek.

Mail a beautiful handmade card, it’s so much better than a text message.

thought for the dayA hand written message placed in a addressed envelope with the proper postage attached and mailed to a loved one, friend, or acquaintance, is becoming a lost act of kindness. In this world it sometimes seems that even a kind words is hard to come by. We are all busy and our hi-tech electronic lives have become more hectic. Because of our gadgets, we are able to accomplish so much more in a day, reach more people ( even millions of people) in a moment. But those special people that touch our lives deserve more than a text message or a thumbs up on Facebook.

Kindness is contagious so when you catch the bug, pass it on. A simple handwritten note shows appreciation and caring in a way that an electronic message never could.