Garden Club visits Chattanooga Food Bank

First, I wondered why the garden club would want to go see a bunch of cans. I had no idea that our food bank was growing fresh produce or that they took donations of fresh produce! I’m becoming increasingly informed about the exceptionalism of my hometown.

Anyway, on with my day with Mom. I pick her up at 10, we both had the time wrong and arrived An hour early. As is our way, we decided everyone else was late. On the way to our meet up location I did notice Mom fighting off the urge to give helpful driving tips. It’s great to be so like my mom; our attitude, logic, ability to reason and rationalize, our propensity to “find  the humor” (as my dear friend Darla would advise), and in our non-judgemental yet highly critical thinking. We’re not bossy, we just know what you should be doing and we usually say what’s on our mind. We just can’t understand how people get through their day without our guidance.

While we are waiting for the rest of our group we have some time to continue our discussion on how to “fix” friends and family. In the end we decided to just leave it alone; we can’t see it, hear it, and in one case smell it from our homes so…

The group arrives! We divide between 3 vehicles and get on our merry way. Mom chose to move to the backseat so Belinda could sit up truck help navigate… I had the GPS going and Belinda said she wasn’t sure of the location so I wondered why the seat change was necessary, but as usual, Mom was right and was extremely pleased to learn that Belinda can yell “Stop!” just as urgently jarring as she can. I guessed the heavy set woman who cut me off in the parking lot was in a hurry to get home to her pork and beans. My ladies giggeled… I loved it! The GPS nailed it as usual but according to Mom that newfangled technology is not to be trusted… She still has a flip phone but I’m wearing her down. Here’s a truly funny fight with technology… She told the cable guy not to give her all those channels; she only watched the news, Jeopardy, the Braves and the Lady Mocs.

Murray Hills Garden Club 

I don’t know where all this deal came from. I’m starting to agree with Mom about newfangled technology!!!!




While touring the gardens mom spotted a shrub that had put on seed pods, true to her nature, she helped herself to a handful for me to plant next spring because why would I want a decent sized shrub in my new landscaping when I can pop 5 pods in the dirt and wait for years! But, because I am a good daughter I’ll plant those little pods and watch them sprout between my 3 gallon otto luyken laurels then make a big production of moving them to the park where everyone can enjoy them.

Hello, Barbie! Let’s go party!

I always enjoy finding new ways to use the stamps I already own (and my wonderful husband pays the crafting bill with only a little grumbling) and the girls in the Beautiful You set are a favorite. I kinda think of them as Barbie Dolls; I can dress them how ever I want, send them on vacation to the beach, the North Pole, or even outer space. My girls don’t just stand around looking pretty.

interactive scrapbook

ok. So, it took almost 10 years to take the photos, about 2 weeks to create the album/scrapbook, and almost 1 year to organize and arrange the photos.

one thing I learned is a person just can’t have too much fun. Another little tidbit, get the album made before the fun begins and place the photos ASAP!!

This is my Destination Adventure album. Most of the pictures are of me, but hey, it’s my book, I can do anything I want to it. Every adventure with my girlfriends or husband over the last 10 years is depicted. Notice that it’s girlfriends or husband because girlfriends can’t really have an adventure if the husbands tag along!

Darla and I have birthdays in September and always try to check off a bucket list item. We parachuted in Chicago, went on a “cattle drive”, rafted the rapids down the Ocoee river, met the drummer in Nashville, danced ourselves to death in Santa Fe, explored San Francisco…

Federica took me so many places in Italy I can’t name them all. Well I can, but I can’t spell them.

Julie and I had a blast in Chicago. She wasn’t up for parachuting but riding a segway all over downtown was fun. And the nightlife, wow! Just Wow!

Karen and I have always had a blast, but she is camera shy so most of our adventures just feature me. You know that really hurts.

Life with my husband is an adventure. period. full stop. We have lived in 7 states, 2 countries, and 12 cities.

Having all these memories in such an interesting format makes it a pleasure to flip through and remember.

Each page is different. Some cascades, some pull outs, some flip open several directions, loads of photo mats and journaling cards. I’ve included trinkets, (my daughter-in-law turned me on to penny pressing. Who knew!).

Here’s a peek.